Usworth Colliery Primary school

Usworth, Washington

February 28, 2011

The exterior murals at Usworth Colliery Primary School are in fact graphic panel cutouts. The imagery was targeted at creating a strong and positive ethos for the playground, tackling issues of teamwork and aspiration. Before designing the final images I spent a great deal of time working with all the year groups, discussing ways in which the school could continue to have a positive image and be a better place for everyone. We also created a Miners Banner to take part in the Washington Festival parade, which featured images of people and places in the current area, alongside the recent historical past; the principal iconography for the banner was a tree, showing how the present builds on the roots of the past. Many thanks go to head teacher Carole Colling, who had such energy and passion for the project, as well as some very supportive parents.