highfield primary school

Highfield. Tyne and Wear

March 13, 2011

Healthy Highfield was a mural with a predominantly twofold mission. Firstly to spotlight the superb outdoor location and healthy lifestyle play facilities at Highfield Primary School; secondly to cheer up an unsightly retaining wall where the parents would gather to drop off and collect children. My main artistic concern was to create a simple and unifying background rhythm that would hold together an abundance of activity over a length of 80 feet. Essentially this was like creating 10 billboards that would all link together and be easy on the eye. In the end I think the piece succeeds very well. For this I owe a great debt of thanks to Alan Mould who organised a large amount of the graphic material. Also to Chromazone who printed the graphic panels, and Davy Whisler who installed the finished piece with his characteristic droll wit and lack of fuss and bother, which always saves me a heart attack or two. ( just don't tell him I said so ).