St. Cuthbert's Cross

Lindisfarne Primary School

St Edmunds Chapel, Gateshead

April 1, 2012

This mosaic of the St. Cuthbert's Cross was commissioned to commemorate Lindisfarne Primary School which was closed in 2007. It was a unique project,  aided by Jim Craig the Gateshead arts chaplain, who arranged for the mosaic to be located in the courtyard of St Edmunds Chapel, a glorious 13th century building on Gateshead high street. The design is based on the famous brooch that was placed in the burial chamber of St Cuthbert. To add to the jewel like effect, we brought in glass artist Sue Woolhouse to produce small glass plaques, featuring self drawn images of all the staff and pupils of the school. The addition of these glass pieces makes for an intimate tribute to a school that had served this particular area for many years. An additional thanks, as ever, goes to my old mucker Davy Whisler for installing the piece within the existing cobbles with little disruption or bother. Bless him.