New York Primary

April 14, 2013

The New York Primary school arch was made as part of a marvellously grand Creative Partnerships project. The overall aim of the project revolved around the Circus, and climaxed in a performance in which most of the school was involved. My role was to create a fitting archway through which the parents and performers would enter the main hall. I had recently returned from a trip to Istanbul and had been totally blown away by the tiles at the Topkapi palace, and my archway was therefore a humble, nay very humble, response to Islamic ornamentation. It did however combine the handiwork of many children and I'm sure they felt very proud of the result. The overall project was guided by Katie Gascoigne, who did a very good job, and I have particularly fond memories of working with her on creating a suitably flamboyant backdrop for the Circus , transforming the school hall with miles of fabric and utilising skills with drapery that had hitherto lain very dormant indeed. Good luck Katie.