Brandling Primary School

Brandling Community Primary School Felling

July 12, 2011

This Wildlife Mosaic project was inspired by teacher Liz Cherry who had a mission to bring Antonio Gaudi to Felling in the form of a high impact mosaic close to the School entrance. She also arranged that I would spend time with local parents in mosaic workshops in preparation for the final piece. A fun time, I think it is fair to say, was had by all. The final mosaic was a marvellously glitzy work that reflected nature and the school wildlife garden with a suitable degree of fun and bling.

The second Mosaic project at Brandling Primary was a much more solemn affair; a commemoration of the terrible Brandling Pit disaster in 1812. I worked closely with the school children to develop the design which would resemble a traditional Miner's Banner. We thought long and hard on the wording for the banner text, eventually deciding that "Light from Darkness" made a decent attempt to reflect the improvements made in the Mining industry as a result of the disaster. The Miner's Lamp was very much at the centre of the improvements and it is therefore at the very centre of the mosaic, shining out into the community of Felling.

The third mosaic was commisioned by head teacher Ailsa Taylor just before she took up a new headship in Washington. She particularly wanted something full of life and colour, and I'd like to think it was a bit of a leaving present to the school she'd loved so much. The day that my old pal Davy and myself installed the mosaic, Ailsa was dressed in a Sari escorting some glamorously dressed dignatries from Kerala around the school, and the combination of colours was intoxicating.