Mosaics have held a fascination for me ever since we lived in Cyprus back in the early 1990’s when the country had a very relaxed attitude to its archaeological sites.

There were a few premier attractions which were roped off and protected from the elements, but pretty much everywhere else it was quite normal to simply walk around and do what you liked; picking up pots, interacting with temple columns or, in my case, cleaning up a dry and dusty floor mosaic on an arid but spectacular hillside overlooking the sea. Just a few drops of water and 2000 year old colours sprang into life.

Absolutely perfect.

I think it was then that I became enchanted with the medium.I loved the fact that here was a picture that had withstood everything that time and the elements could throw at it. It was a statement in stone, full of gravitas and poetry, that could still speak to us today.