Winlaton centre mosaic

winlaton centre

April 7, 2013

The Winlaton Times is a splendid example of a community project that needed a lot of effort to bring to completion. I was approached in 2012 by Gateshead councillors Marilyn Charlton and Julie Simpson to make a final order of many ceramic pieces that had been created by users of the Winlaton centre over the previous decade. The umbrella title of the ceramic project was Winlaton Times, and it would convey a historic snapshot of Winlaton. My work on the project began on a long saturday afternoon with Janet Walton, a marvellous supporter of Winlaton centre, when we waded through many baskets of homeless ceramic pieces, trying to make sense of all that had been made in the previous years. Eventually I developed a plan of how things might look, but the main priority for me was to create the completion work with some of the groups that had been involved in the first place. In the course of the next few months I spent many happy hours with members of the Base, the Toddlers Group, Badminton Group, and After school club, and between us I think we did a very good job of of pulling the Winlaton Times together. The Winlaton Centre is a marvellous, multi user community centre, and I fervently hope that its example of group cooperation will be used as a model for any such projects in the future.